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 In the event the tenants do not vacate the property on the specified date, a Writ Of Possession will need to be filed.
This final process basically consist of 2 steps. First we will file your writ at the proper courthouse; the second step of the process is setting a date with the constable and crew to phiscally remove the tenant(s) and there belongings from the property. Picture of a before and after will be taken.
The fees to the right are a flat rate that includes the following:
All filing fees

Constable fees
Trash Out fees
Writ Of Possesion-


First, we serve a notice to vacate. This usually takes four business days.
The second step,is to go to the courthouse to file the eviction. This will be done on that fourth day. At that time, a court date will be issued, and you would be notified.
The third step is the day of court. We will appear on your behalf to state your case. As soon as we have a verdict, we will notify you of the date and time that the tenant needs to vacate the property.
The fees to the right include the following for one low flat rate:
Notice to vacate (certified)
Filing Fee
Court Apperiance
In person visit to the property to varfy the tenants have vacated the property (if posible).

DFW Tenant Evictions

To make the process simple and cost efective we have broken the eviction process up into two major parts.