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  DFW Tenant Evictions was created to acomodate and assist the growing number of owner managed properties in the metroplex aera. We have since the found that even management companys have an increased need for proper eviction services. After observing in the court room the frustration of owners and owners representatives dealing with unsucessful evictions, due to improper proceedures; The need for this service is evident. With hundreds of evictions under our belt, we know what it takes to get a judgement in your favor and posession of your property.
  We have experience in almost every court room in the DFW area. Knowing all the intricases of individual judge requirement allways places us ahead of the game. Are we attournys? No. Why pay an atourney ridicusly high fees when you dont need to. Tenants will challenge you, but having DFW Tenant Evictions on your side gives you power to head off any unexpected events that may arise in the eviction process.Our goal is to make this transition as simple and cost effective as posible.

DFW Tenant Evictions

Flat rate price First rate service
   Working with several management companies over the years, we have realized one thing. Everyone who has an investment property needs help on occasion. This is why we decided to start DFW Tenant Evictions. We have come to the conclusion that it does not matter if you have one house, several properties, or multi-family housing; getting someone out of your property is not cheap!

  DFW Tenant Evictions has done all the research to get you the fastest, most professional service at an affordable price. With years of courtroom experience, we strive to get all of our clients the best outcome possible. Our goal is to get your investment back on track in a timely manner, so revenue loss is minimal.

  DFW Tenant Evictions would like the opportunity to show you what we can do. Please take a look at our website for helpful information and pricing.
We look forward to making your life a little easier!